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Green Innovation

We at Hydro BG make green innovation a priority. Our production is certified by ISO 14001, the most important international certification for environmental management systems. We are proud of our products, and are working to sustain to greener future.



About Us

Hydro BG is a family owned company with a global presence in over 30 countries, and more than 14 subsidiaries world-wide. Our products meet the strictest environmental codes across Europe and North America, and we pride ourselves in manufacturing eco-friendly products of the highest quality. This environmental awareness comes from our connection and respect towards our native Austria, and beyond that the world’s biosphere.

Our Vision

A successful business needs a strong identity that grounds it. Our identity shapes day-to-day business, as much as it helps create a positive future, and rests upon these two strong pillars:

Innovative Strength & Environmental Awareness.
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  • trench drain systems