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Welcome to BG-Graspointner, your best reference for sustainable trench drainage solutions. We specialized in designing and manufacturing trench drains and slot drains for all sorts of applications and load classes. Our prefabricated trench drains manage water of residential, commercial and industrial environments. Our trench drain systems range (called BG-FILCOTEN) is among the first products in a linear drainage system to use recyclable material in production.

At BG-Graspointner we make sustainability and green innovation a priority. Our production facility is certified by ISO 14001, the most important international certification for environmental management systems. Green thinking and ecological footprint are crucial for our company culture. All of us at BG-Graspointner understand that sustainability and surface drainage complement each other, and we are working to sustain a greener future. At BG-Graspointner, we bring nature to work.

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citygrid – Permeable Paver

Citygrid is designed for heavy duty applications and fully compliant to LID (low impact development) design principles. Extensively tested and proven, citygrid will minimize surface water run off, reduce flood risk, improve water quality and encourage biodiversity while providing a stable parking and driving surface.
Being lighter than the conventional concrete grids, citygrid saves time and manpower during installation and reduces carbon footprint while transportation. Unlike concrete grids, citygrid protects the grass health during higher temperatures.

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Stormwater management system
for infiltration & detention

Controlling and managing your stormwater onsite is now required for most projects.
BG-AQUA citybloq is a versatile and incredibly robust underground modular storage system that can help reduce stormwater runoff and increase groundwater recharge. Optimized to maximize your water storage footprint, BG-AQUA citybloq is designed to effectively and economically solve your project‘s onsite stormwater needs.

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Full transparency –
nature deserves it. 

With FILCOTEN®  HPC, we are following a unique path of total transparency and have subjected the system to rigorous, independent environmental analysis.
That takes the form of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for phases A1-A4 in line with ISO 14040 & ISO 14044 or EN 15804 and using recognized indicators such as the Global Warming Potential (GWP), Cumulative Energy Expenditure (CEE) and Abiotic Resource Use (ARU)

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About Us

BG-Graspointner is a family owned company with a global presence in over 36 countries, and more than 14 subsidiaries world-wide. We began in 1963 by producing concrete components that were sold locally, and we still have our head office in the beautiful area of Mondsee, in the Austrian Alps. Since then we’ve become a leader in the field of trench drains continuing to expand our global footprint and our reach to the North American market.

Being part of the BG-Graspointner Group, whether in Canada or USA, we are proud to be able to promote our sustainable and innovative drainage systems that are a perfect fit anywhere in North America. They reliably ensure dry and safe runways, roads, tracks, pavements, terraces and balconies.

Our USA and Canadian staff are highly qualified and trained to serve all your drainage needs. Our drainage products meet the strictest environmental codes across Europe and North America, and we pride ourselves in manufacturing eco-friendly products of the highest quality. This environmental awareness starts with our connection and respect towards our native Austria, and beyond that the world’s biosphere.

Manufacture and provide trench drainage products in Canada and USA markets – as well as all around the world.

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