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trench drain systems 3
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Green Innovation

At BG-Graspointner we make green innovation a priority. Our production is certified by ISO 14001, the most important international certification for environmental management systems. Our BG-FILCOTEN trench drains are among the first products in linear drainage to use recyclable material in production, and we are immensely proud of that accomplishment. Green thinking is an important part of our company culture. All of us at BG-Graspointner understand that taking care of the planet is as important for our children as it is for ourselves, and we are working to sustain to greener future. At BG-Graspointner, we bring nature to work.



About Us

BG-Graspointner is a family owned company with a global presence in over 31 countries, and more than 14 subsidiaries world-wide. We began in 1963 by producing concrete components that were sold locally, and we still have our head office in the beautiful area of Mondsee, in the Austrian Alps. Since then we’ve become a leader in the field of Trench drains continuing to expand our global footprint and our reach to the North American market. Our staff is highly qualified, and trained to serve all your drainage needs. Our products meet the strictest environmental codes across Europe and North America, and we pride ourselves in manufacturing eco-friendly products of the highest quality. This environmental awareness starts with our connection and respect towards our native Austria, and beyond that the world’s biosphere.

Our Vision

A successful business needs a strong identity. Ours has always been firmly rooted in the place where it all began: the spectacular nature of the Austrian Alps. We have a deep, enduring love and respect for the well-being of every creature that roams this blue planet. This is at the forefront of our thoughts with all the products we create, and with that spirit, we use our resources efficiently to achieve durable, long-lasting, cost effective drainage systems. Our identity shapes day-to-day business, as much as it helps create a positive future.

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The Art of Drainage
Deco Grate Systems

Functionality is good…
Functionality and superior design is better.

Functionality is important when using products in highly visible,
public areas – but design is equally important.

An array of designs for every need.

BG-BLACKLABEL is our comprehensive range of high-quality decorative
grates for trench drains. Our products can meet the highest aesthetic
standards AND do the hard work.