FILCOTEN Pave Slot Top system

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FILCOTEN® pave slot top

With FILCOTEN® pave slot top trench drain, design and drainage work hand in hand. Perfect for use in areas where a discreet look is preferred.
The narrow slot width ensures a discreet and elegant appearance, while the underlying trench drain body of FILCOTEN® will assure quality drainage.

Often used in:
  • Terraces
  • Balconies
  • House entrances
  • Garages
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Sports facilities
Channel geometry / surfacing

The flat inner surface of FILCOTEN® channels are highly crafted making each channel smooth, in order to minimize surface friction. This achieves the best possible flow and a superior self-cleaning effect.

Prefabricated sealant groove

Sealant groove for waterproof installations.

FILCOTEN® pave slot top unit

When design is as important as function, the slot top trench drain is your only choice. Architecturally sophisticated yet durable, this trench drain comes with slot widths of ½ inch, and easily fits into the joint pattern of a floor surface.

Easy installation

Anchoring ribs ensure a secure bond and anchoring of the channel with the surrounding concrete bed.

Perfect fit

Intelligently distributed fixing points, both on the inner sides of the rails, guarantees ideal bonding with the FILCOTEN® material.

Prefabricated sealant groove

Sealant groove for waterproof installations.

Comprehensive product range:
  • Discreet slot width of ½ inch
  • Adapts easily to the joint pattern of a floor surface
  • Ideal for use with paving stones, flagstones and natural stones