Light in weight,
       a heavyweight for performance.

The BG-FILCOTEN®residential drainage systems “self”, “light” and “spot” demonstrate impressively how you can have maximum stability without sacrificing low weight. This is because FILCOTEN® HPC trench drain material makes possible an innovative lightweight construction that affords numerous advantages such as easy handling and resource-saving transport. They are also extremely durable thanks to tremendous stability and robustness, which conserves resources, ultimately benefiting your budget.

Application areas
Residential drainage systems for home and garden/landscape applications.

Simply high quality:
– Extremely dimensionally stable and durable
– Tested to resist frost-thaw cycle
– UV-resistant

BG-FILCOTEN® self NW100 (4”)

The BG-FILCOTEN®  self trench drain is the new development in our FILCOTEN® HPC product family. This drainage channel is extremely light and, thanks to its very practical compact design, makes it ideal for private use in the home and garden. For load class A15 .

Multiple use in residential applications:
– House entrances and garages
– Gardening and landscaping
– Terraces and balconies

BG-FILCOTEN® light NW150 (6”)

Lightweight channel system with top-resting gratings and no grate-holding frame. Integrated anchoring pockets, load bearing up to class C250.

Application areas
Residential drainage systems ideally suited to terraces, balconies, garages, footpaths, pedestrian zones, sports complexes, domestic driveways and similar areas.

Overlaying intake grates with fiX-locking mechanism
Grating options:
– Heelprof slotted galvanized steel SW8/130, class A15
– ADA galvanized mesh grating, MW 30/10, class B125
– Cast iron grating with black high-quality coating, MW 15/28, up to class C 250

BG-FILCOTEN® spot 300x300x450 mm (12”x12”x18”)

Spot drainage outlet for home, yard and garden, load-bearing up to class B125 . Optionally available with top attachment to increase volume or inlet for roof gutters.

Multiple use in residential applications:
– Outdoor surfaces
– Garage entrances
– Parking areas
– Horticulture and landscaping

Solid frame
made of cast iron with high quality coating for the accommodation of class B125 gratings. The cast iron frame fits exactly in the FILCOTEN lower part and allows a precise finishing with the surrounding pavement.

Sediment bucket
made of recyclable plastic retains coarse debris and allows easy maintenance.

Drain (DN 100) with odour trap
for a sealed connection to the underground line.

Technical Data




Spec Sheets

Channel geometry/surfacing
The smooth inner surface of BG-FILCOTEN channels is specially created to minimize surface friction. This attention to detail achieves the best possible flow and a superior self-cleaning effect. The textured outer surface ensures perfect cohesion with the concrete bed.
Prefabricated sealant groove
Sealant groove for waterproof installations.

Vertical outlet on every channel
Every channel body has a vertical outlet option.
Fast and secure “fiX“ snap-on locking system
The grating has an intelligent fiX connection: a simple four-point, quick-release safety device.
Perfect installation
Anchoring ribs ensure a secure bond with the surrounding concrete bed.

Innovative production technology
Our advanced molding technology allows the design of support and anchoring ribs, thus creating both a secure bond and a structurally strong channel.
Stability thanks to the FEM analysis
The FEM analysis is a computer-assisted process, which simulates construction load demands. The more precise our information is of load demands, the easier it is to choose the right design solution.

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