Stormwater management products.

We offer a wide range of trench drains (or channel drains) and slot drains solutions that cater to the surface drainage requirement for various external applications like commercial, residential, transport, infrastructure, healthcare, and many others.

Our trench drain systems are available with a variety of interchangeable gratings made of different materials like galvanized steel, stainless steel, ductile iron or composite material, and are applicable for various load class applications (light, medium, heavy or ultra-heavy-duty).

Our slot drains are a great alternative to a trench drain, where the application calls for a grate-free system. Slot drains are unique linear drainage systems that are aesthetically preferred by architects and also used for extreme heavy-duty applications like an airport or ports/docks.

Our range of stainless steel trench drains is used for specific applications like breweries, wineries, self-leveling epoxy flooring, etc. And our specialized drainage products include permeable pavers (or ground grids) made of 100% recyclable material and light-duty trench drains for garden or landscape applications.

Our technical team is available to provide any support needed during surface drainage design of any project including hydraulic calculations, CAD layouts, trench drainage products selection, installation advice, etc.

Trench drains, channel drains, linear drain

We offer a wide variety of trench drains with sustainability as our utmost priority. Our BG-FILCOTEN trench drains are available with a wide range of standard and decorative trench gratings, applicable for various load classes from pedestrian up to a forklift or aircraft loading.

Our channels are made of FILCOTEN HPC (High Performance Concrete) which is the most sustainable material available in the market. Available in sizes ranging from 100 mm (4”) up to 400 mm (16”) and with various accessories like sump (or outlet) unit, an anti-vandalism locking system for grates, rebar supports, end caps, outlet units, and others, we offer a complete trench drainage system that suffices the surface drainage requirements for any project.

Our shallow trench drain range offers extreme shallow solutions for applications with restricted slab depth like a multi-level car park or above ground level areas.

Slot drains

Our slot drain product offering comprises BG-GATIC slot drain range that’s made of a single piece hexagonal unit of galvanized steel. The slot drain solutions applications can range anywhere from a facade or paver application (with pedestrian access) up to a road or airport or port/docks (with ultra heavy-duty load class) application.

One of the advantages of using a BG-GATIC Slotdrain over a trench drain is its huge capacity covering a large catchment area and managing heavy hydraulic volumes making it work as an attenuation system as well. Longevity and ease of maintenance (using access or outlet units) are some of the unique features of a slot drain system.

sStainless steel trench drains

Our range of stainless steel trench drains, called the BG-FLEX, includes solutions for applications like terraces, facades, or surfaces that have self-leveling epoxy flooring. Our stainless steel trench drain system and trench grating system is widely used in the food and beverage industry.

We also have specialized slot solutions for breweries, wineries, or bottling plants, called the BG-FLEX omega. The system is available with all accessories like access unit, corner piece, cross, or tee junctions. We also do a lot of custom (made-to-order) solutions based on specific project requirements.

Special drainage products

Our range of special products consists of subsurface drainage solutions like permeable pavers (or grids) called the citygrid. These are used for any low-impact development (LID) application.

citygrid is made of 100% recyclable materials and is one-third in weight compared to concrete ground grids. This not only contributes to a low carbon footprint during supply and transport but also saves time and energy during installation. It results in a more cost-effective and much longer-lasting solution compared to its concrete counterpart.

Trench Drain vs. Slot Drain – main differences

Trench drains and slot drains are two types of surface drainage, primarily for collecting stormwater. 

The main difference between a conventional trench drain and a slot drain is that the slot drain does not have any kind of grates.

Our trench drains (also channel drain, line drain, linear drain, or strip drain)  principally correspond to a V-shaped body with integrated edge rails and a removable grate on top. The channel body is made either in FILCOTEN® HPC (High Concrete Performance) material or galvanized steel or stainless steel. Our trench drain grates come in various materials such as ductile iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, or plastic. They are available in attractive designs such as perforated, mesh, slotted, or slot tops and some are ADA or heel proof compliant. The trench drains are 1 m long units (3.28’) and are available in internal width from 4” to 12” or 100 mm to 300 mm. Those drainage channels are easy to install and reduce pond formation, slip hazards, hydroplaning or protect from flood damage. Trench drains are often used in residential, municipal, and commercial applications. 

Our slot drains are in galvanized steel and correspond to a combination of a single hexagonal body section and a slot on top, instead of a grate. They come in different widths (4” to 24” or 100 mm to 600 mm) and sizes (3.28’ to 9.84’ or 1 m to 3 m). They are discreet and elegant due to the narrow slot opening and are ADA & heel proof compliant. They are as well highly chemical resistant and require fewer replacements. Slot drains are often used in landscaping applications but can as well be installed in commercial applications such as car washes, barns, and processing plants for instance.