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Our slot drains are made of galvanized steel and correspond to a slot on top of a single hexagonal body section. The main difference between a conventional trench drain and a slot drain is that the slot drain does not have any kind of grates.

Our galvanized slot drains are available in several widths (4” to 24” or 100 mm to 600 mm) and lengths (3.28’ to 9.84’ or 1 m to 3 m). They combine ADA & heel proof compliancies with their small slot opening and an unobtrusive and smart look. Those slot drains require fewer replacements than the regular trench drains and are highly chemical resistant. This type of linear drainage is often used in commercial applications such as car washes or in infrastructure applications for ports, airports, docks, highways, and even for landscaping projects.

BG-GATIC slot drains – handle everything from a raindrop to a rainstorm with similarly high efficiency.


Our success in meeting the heavy demands of the world’s major ports and airports is what our core business has traditionally been driven by. BG-Gatic slot drains’ hexagonal channel profile was originally developed in conjunction with industry professionals from the airport sector.

BG-GATIC Slot drains channels are suitable for applications up to F900 (depending on the slot drain system type). The hexagonal profile ensures our slot drain systems can handle everything from a rain drop to a rainstorm with similar efficiency. The V-shaped drainage channel base aids a self-cleansing flow, and a tapered throat helps prevent blockages. All slot drain channels are manufactured in 3 metre, 1 metre and 0.5 metre lengths of galvanised steel, benefitting from fewer joints and improved flow performance. Bespoke units are available on request to suit specific design requirements and are also available in stainless steel.

The concept has proved infinitely scalable and has been developed into a comprehensive range of products suitable for smaller projects such as shopping developments, landscaping schemes, and parking facilities. The current slot drain range consists of CastSlot, UltraSlot, PaveSlot and FacadeSlot for total design flexibility, and includes complementary accessories.


The subtle profile of CastSlot sits neatly within concrete, asphalt, and block surface finishes. CastSlot features an electro painted ductile iron throat section that is securely fixed to the galvanised steel drainage channel body, providing an exceptionally robust yet discreet drainage system. This slot drain comes with a 30mm opening and a Treadsafe option, which reduces the slot opening from 30mm wide to 2 x 10mm wide slots.


The UltraSlot linear slot drainage channel system is designed to withstand infrequent ultra heavy-duty loads in external pavement areas such as airports, ports, highways and similar areas. A Treadsafe option is available, which reduces the slot opening from 30mm wide to 2 x 9mm wide slots. This has no effect on the intake capacity of the system but will make the drainage channel safe to cross for pedestrians.


The PaveSlot surface linear slot drainage system is used with paving units laid against the top edge of the channel and is used to drain external hard surface areas where a neat, unobtrusive aesthetic is required. The slot drain system is suitable for all paved areas, in public and commercial projects.


To provide effective drainage, this discreet surface drainage channel can be installed against a building, wall or other external landscape feature to drain water from vertical surfaces, door thresholds and adjacent pavement areas. FacadeSlot slot channels can be made to follow the building perimeter whether straight or curved. The system can also accommodate rainwater downpipes using a simple inlet box.            


BG-Gatic slot drains are mechanically assembled. That eliminates welding and minimises energy usage in the manufacturing process. A signficant proportion of the raw materials used are from recycled sources. Those slot drains are manufactured from sheet steel and are 100% recyclable.

Site Work and Maintenance Guide

Our illustrated literature includes advice and general information on safe handling, installation and maintenance of our slot drain products.

It can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, email or phone us to request a copy.

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