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BG-FLEX sigma tec
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Drainage channel system BG-FLEX sigma tec

BG-FLEX sigma tec, the drainage channel system for commercial buildings, is made of stainless steel 1.4301 or a higher grade. The product is the ideal solution for draining accumulated surface water from coated concrete surface coverings.
Floor coatings can be laid so they are snug with the channel system for the long-lasting protection of the building structure. Gratings of stainless steel or plastic, depending on the nominal width, can be selected from the BG-FILCOTEN® product range, up to load class C 250.

Areas of application.
Car parks, parking areas, food processing sites, chemical plants, breweries,
dairies, supermarkets, catering, hospitals, etc.

Front cap
  • for a clean connection
    with the channel line
  • incl. perforation for coating
  • with bolted seal
Liquid-tight joint
  • bolted flange
  • seal made from NBR
  • complete with stainless steel M6 bolting
  •  height-adjustable elevation rack as a complete set
Perforated flange for coating
  • permanently connects the epoxy coating
    to the perforated connection plate
  • COMBee plastic design-grating or
    mesh grating made from stainless steel
  • Hole size 7mm or MW 30/10
  • Load class B 125 or C 250
  • with fiX-locking
  • bolting available at extra cost
Sump pit edge
  • as connecting element
  • also for T, corner and cross connections
  • as stacking edge for a catch basin/sump pit
    constructed on site
Anchor bar
  • for permanent fixing of the channel
    body in the adjacent floor structure
Channel body
  • from stainless steel or higher quality
  • nominal width: 100 mm
    visible width: 125 mm
  • element length: 2000 mm
    (adjustable to the line length)
  • Material thickness 1.5 mm
Outlet elements
  • outlet nozzles with diameter DN100
  • can be positioned individually in the channel run
  • outlet as a supply line, e.g. for an oil separator
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