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BG-FILCOTEN® parkline:

Available in nominal widths 6” & 12”

More Possibilities – Not like everyone else at the drain.

Drainage systems in car parks are a necessity and present various challenges. The classical box channel systems aren‘t always suitable. In contrast to the usual fare we offer BG-FILCOTEN® parkline: a modern, quality design manufactured with quality material using highly developed construction. It offers the perfect solution for every challenge.

Highest drainage capacity
with maximum economy.

In addition to optimized dewatering performance, the parkline system offers new possibilities for increased efficiency in daily operations.

Environmentally friendly production.

In the production process we focus on environmental protection – whether in the choice of raw materials or avoiding waste. We have implemented an environmental management system according to ISO standard 14001.

High quality materials.

• Pressure resistant up to 90N / mm2
• Cement hybrid with high flexural strength
• Up to 70% lighter than conventional concrete channels
• Temperature-, frost-, UV-resistant
• Resistant to rust, oil and gasoline
• Coefficient of expansion corresponds to the mineral environment, minimizing fissures and cracking

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Fully accessible
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Slot width 18mm, according to the standard requirements EN 1433
  • Virtually no height difference to the surrounding road
Very quiet
  • cross-section & monolithical construction prevents noise during the crossing
  • no complaints due to clogged grates
Smart outlet protection
  • Drain cover made of V2A stainless steel
  • Can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Acts as a stable bridge-unit and creates accessibility
Optimised channel body

The running water is guided to the drain in the center via the two needle channels.

Innovative connecting elements
  • Available in various designs (Cross, T-/ L-connections)
  • Made from high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • The intelligent design and construction allows for efficient water conductivity
Sophisticated gasket joint
  • Easy and accessible sealing joint and verifiable
  • Standard-compliant to EN 1433
  • Longitudinal and butt joints are completely sealed which creates a completely sealed environment. This way the structure is protected from salts.
A powerful connection

The expansion coefficient of BG-FILCOTEN® responds precisely to that of concrete, minimizing the risk of cracks.

A perfect fit

Side anchoring pockets reinforce the firm fit in the concrete bed and provide additional stability.

Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • No separate gratings
  • Check for sediment without having to remove grates
  • Open design make for easy cleaning
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Download all

BG-FILCOTEN parkline

6" NW150 12" NW300


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