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BG-FILCOTEN® trench drain pro V:

Trench drains with heavy to ultra-heavy duty galvanized steel edge rails 6”, 8”, 12”

heavyweight when it comes to performance:


Because BG-FILCOTEN® pro V trench drain can handle a high load capacity, it is especially suitable for installation in industrial areas such as factories, warehouses, and garages. With its’ sleek good look, it can easily be used in public places such as railway stations, and pedestrian or residential areas.

Application specific rail choices

The BG-FILCOTEN® pro V trench drain has a standard 4mm thick heavy duty rail.

With our BG-FILCOTEN® pro V channel, you don’t have to compromise on quality or durability.

It’s stable yet lightweight, and can be adapted to site conditions. BG-FILCOTEN® pro V trench drain comes in galvanized steel rails for load class up to E 600 (acc. to EN 1433).
BG-FILCOTEN® pro V channels are also available in a shallow version with a lower overall height of 2.36 inches.

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Spec Sheets

Installation Drawings

Optional Accessories

Channel geometry/surfacing

The smooth inner surface of BG-FILCOTEN® pro V channels is specially created to minimize surface friction. This attention to detail achieves the best possible flow and a superior self-cleaning effect. The textured outer surface ensures perfect cohesion with the concrete bed.

Prefabricated sealant groove

Sealant groove for waterproof installations.

Vertical outlet on every channel

Every channel body has a vertical outlet option.

No longitudinal shift of grating

Two anti-sliding lugs secure the grating against any longitudinal shifting and provides additional safety.

Fast and secure “fiX“ snap-on locking system

The grating has an intelligent fiX connection: a simple four-point, quick-release safety device.

Perfect installation

Anchoring ribs ensure a secure bond with the surrounding concrete bed.

Innovative production technology

The innovative BG-FILCOTEN® pro V has completely flat sides, allowing flush-to-a-wall installations easy and attractive. Our advanced molding technology allows the design of support and anchoring ribs, thus creating both a secure bond and a structurally strong channel.

Stability thanks to the FEM analysis

The FEM analysis is a computer-assisted process, which simulates construction load demands. The more precise our information is of load demands, the easier it is to choose the right design solution.

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Download all

BG-FILCOTEN pro V galvanized steel rails

6" NW150 8" NW200 12" NW300

Rebar Support NW100 (4″)


Rebar Support NW150 – NW200  (6″ – 8″)


Rebar Support NW 300 (12″)


Anti-vandalism locking device

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Grates that are made to fit the BG-FILCOTEN® pro V

BG-FILCOTEN®  trench drain grates are 1-meter long or 0.5-meter long, with heel-proof grate openings or with ADA compliant grate openings,  and will adapt to any trench drain application.

We manufacture grates in several high-quality materials such as ductile iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, Corten steel, plastic & hot-dip galvanized steel. Our gratings come in different styles: longitudinal bar grates, slotted grates, perforated grates, mesh grates, slot top grates & decorative grates.

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    • All Grate Styles
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    • A 15
    • B 125
    • C 250
    • D 400
    • E 600
    • F 900
  • All Nominal Width inches / mm
    • All Nominal Width inches / mm
    • 4” / 100 mm
    • 6” / 150 mm
    • 8” / 200 mm
    • 12” / 300 mm
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    • Ductile Iron
    • Polyamid
    • Galvanized Steel
    • Stainless Steel
  • All Locks
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    • bolted
    • fiX (snap-on)



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