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Our range of drainage channels in stainless steel is called the BG-FLEX and includes 2 products: BG-FLEX omega and BG-FLEX sigma tec channels.

What is the difference between BG-FLEX omega and BG-FLEX sigma tec stainless steel channels?

stainless steel trench drains

The BG-FLEX omega is a custom-made stainless steel channel which is a slot drain with a “V” shape cross-section and a 0.5% internal slope. This linear drain’s slot is 6 mm wide and doesn’t require any stainless steel grate. It is made of stainless steel 304 and can be produced in stainless steel 316 if requested. An odor trap and a sediment bucket are available to complete your stainless steel drainage system.

BG-FLEX omega channels are offered in 2.4 inch width and up to load class C 250.

BG-FLEX omega drainage channel can be customized to your needs:
These stainless steel drains are manufactured according to your specification, to meet all your requirements. We provide a simple and intuitive design, with all the necessary instructions for installation. 


The BG-FLEX sigma tec is a stainless steel channel with a stainless steel grate or a food-grade plastic grate. It has a square shape cross-section with external perforated flanges which allow a permanent connection with the surrounding epoxy coating. 

BG-FLEX sigma tec channel drains are offered in 4 inch width and  two different load classes: B 125 & C 250. 

Design any layout your project needs with the flexibility BG-FLEX sigma tec provides:
– Corner channel drain element of 90 degrees.
– T channel drain element
– Cross channel drain element


Load class classification:

Load Class A – Light Duty Grate design load up to or exceeding 3,372 lbs per foot. (15 kN). For pedestrian foot traffic only.
Load Class B – Medium Duty Grate design load of at least 28,100 lbs per foot. (125 kN). For light pneumatic tire traffic only. Sidewalks and residential parking.
Load Class C – Heavy Duty Grate design load of at least 56,200 lbs per foot. (250 kN).Commercial Applications.

For more information about load class classification click here.

Stainless steel channels applications:

Due to the proprieties of our stainless steel channels, our stainless steel channels won’t rust nor corrode. Thus, the BG-FLEX stainless steel channels can be used for your industrial and commercial applications where stainless steel is required, such as food processing projects including breweries, wineries, kitchens, bottling plants, supermarkets, or even car parks, chemical plants, and hospitals. With their resistance to corrosion, our stainless steel trench drains can also be used in landscaping applications such as terraces and facades.


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