Trench drainage systems for infrastructure

Quick overview of the brochure’s main products:


FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete) is a unique trench drain material that unites outstanding technical properties with ecological sustainability. The engineered high-density structure of HPC makes it possible to construct highly stable lightweight drainage channels – but it’s the idea behind it that makes it special.

Unique concept, revolutionary results.
Our engineers wanted to create something which combines two extreme opposites:
maximum performance with minimum environmental impact.

Maximum performance, minimal environmental impact.
After meticulous development FILCOTEN® HPC embodied a material that is incredibly strong
and has minimal impact on the environment.


The simple ideas are often the best. The revolutionary BG-FILCOTEN® one trench drain is a good example. Channel and grating cast in one piece – for the first time made from the most innovative material on the market: FILCOTEN® HPC (High Performance Concrete).

An overview of applications: airports, harbours, terminals, highways, industrial spaces, logistic centres, railway crossings, truck and car parking spaces


With our BG-FILCOTEN® pro channel drain, you don’t have to compromise on quality or durability. It’s stable yet lightweight and can be adapted to any site conditions. BG-FILCOTEN® is available in galvanized or stainless steel rails up to class E 600 (acc. to EN 1433).
The cast-iron rail model is tested up to class F 900 (acc. to EN 1433).

An overview of applications: distribution centers, factories, warehouses, garages, railway stations, ports and airports, commercial or residential areas

BG-GATIC Slotdrain

The range of BG-GATIC Slotdrain includes CastSlot and UltraSlot, and together with the complementary accessories, offer total planning flexibility. All channel drains are manufactured from galvanised steel and are suitable for applications up to load class F 900.

An overview of applications: container ports, ports and docks, airports, motorways and highways, and similar areas

BG-FILCOTEN® parkline

Drainage systems in car parks are a necessity and are faced with a wide range of challenges, which are not usually dealt with by traditional drainage systems. BG-FILCOTEN® parkline is a channel drain that meets the challenge of designing lateral drainage in car parks. Made of FILCOTEN® HPC, being monolithic and extremely shallow makes it unique for such applications.

An overview of applications: multi-level car parks, indoor parking spaces, garages, driveways, extreme shallow trench applications


With its lightweight design, exceptional stability and low environmental impact, the BG-FILCOTEN® media wire duct opens a whole new chapter in cable ducting construction. The perfectly coordinated installation system makes for fast and precise preparation of the cable route. Good for the environment and your CO2 footprint, FILCOTEN® HPC combines outstanding material properties with exceptional sustainability. This puts the new BG-FILCOTEN® media cable duct system into a class of its own when it comes to environmental friendliness.

An overview of applications: exhibition centers, communication or data centers, automotive industry, sports & entertainment venues, industrial sites, railway stations, LRT depots

Heavy Duty Permeable Ground Grids

citygrid designed for heavy duty applications and compliant to LID (low impact development) design principles. Extensively tested and proven, citygrid will minimize surface water run off, reduce flood risk, improve water quality and encourage biodiversity while providing a stable parking and driving surface.
Being lighter than the conventional concrete grid pavers, citygrid plastic grid pavers save time and manpower during installation and reduces carbon footprint while transportation. Unlike concrete grid pavers, citygrid protects the grass health during higher temperatures.